I work intuitively which allows me to give form to the intangibility of ideas, feelings, or moods, letting the work speak in its own language and responding to it spontaneously.  Time has to slow down and the mind has to be quieted in order for creativity to reveal itself.  In this experimental process I don’t know what the final work will look like.  I keep working, waiting for a response in front of me.  Eventually, a conversation begins and the work progresses in its own direction leading me on.  It is this adventure, the unknown which appeals to me.

In the first notion of a painting, there is already an image destined to appear on my surface as if some spirit controlled the outcome.  I may have an idea how the painting will manifest itself, but quite beyond my abilities, I have to cede control of the outcome and let the paint flow where it must.

I am concerned with the notion of space, silence, breathing as an echo of my present state of mind.  I rely on strength, energy and sensibility to convey my own perception of the world we live in.

My goal is to provide a visual source where viewers will find a reflection of their own feelings, moods, and life experiences.

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