12"x12" Mixed media painting on paper, unframed
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Description of GENS DU PAYS — 2021-27

Mixed media painting on paper

My work is based on abstract expression, including gesture lines, contrast, depth, proportion. I use acrylic and mixed media on paper. I work intuitively letting the unconscious mind clear a path to creativity. The painting takes shape after a process of evolution, elimination, and discovery. Reflection and the search for composition are part of the creative process.

Pages from old books, paper and fabric, all can be used to start a new piece or to work on an existing one. Whether visible or not, they revisit a slice of history. Each line helps accentuate and organize. It reveals randomness and shapes. It brings together and balances.

I am concerned with the notion of space, silence, breathing as an echo of my present state of mind. I rely on strength, energy and sensibility to convey my own perception of the world I live in.