12"x12" Mixed media painting on paper, unframed
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Description of NUNAVUT 2021-72

Mixed media acrylic painting

If you go beyond Nunavut you begin to travel south. Nunavut is a Canadian territory as far north as one can go. It is not a place for the faint of heart. It is a land where the snow cracks under your every step. It is a land where even the sun is afraid to go. It is a land where silence can be heard, harsh and brutal. It is home to the Inuit.

In their ancient tradition, the Inuit have erected inukshuiit — stone sculptures to guide travelers. They can be simple piles of stones marking fishing or hunting spots. They can be enormous constructions seen from afar to mark the route throughout the vast land of Nunavut. Inukshuiit are also places of reverence, places where the spirit of the Inuit resides. They embody the animism of the Inuit culture.