30"x24" Mixed Media Textile
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Description of LONGING

Mixed Media Textile Collage, Hand dyed fabric and paper. Machine stitched. Mounted on stretcher bars

My goal in creating a textile collage is to merge fabric and paint into something which is neither one nor the other.  My spontaneous and intuitive way of working is a process of evolution, elimination, and discovery.

I work in an abstract style because it allows me to give form to the intangibility of ideas, feelings, or moods.  I don’t know what the final work will look like.  I keep working, responding to the work in front of me.  Eventually, a conversation begins and the work progresses in its own direction leading me on.  It is this adventure, the unknown which appeals to me.

I equally enjoy dyeing and painting all my fabrics.  My aim is not so much to make pretty fabric but rather to give texture, movement, and balance to my work.  I view my fabric much like a painter views his palette of colors.  My stitching becomes the final glaze the painter uses to unify the work.

Every step of my process must be in harmony with the vision that is presenting itself.  All my work is original concept and design.