40"x26" Textile Construction


Description of ECLIPSE 1

Textile Construction. Hand dyed cotton and silk. Machine stitched

In my Textile Construction series, I am looking for a sense of place, not always a place I know, but a place of intrigue, a place that might have been, a place from a corner of my mind.

The Planet Mars has always been a place of retreat for me.  I like to fantasize that it is a world where I began.  I know if I go there I will find what I am looking for.  It is a place of peace and rejuvenation. It is my Buddha.

With the “constructed” series, I am looking for dimension and texture.  At times, I use bright colors, but here it is the neutral colors which best express the attitude of this series.

I dye and/or paint my fabric which is further transformed through various surface design techniques.  I like to use different materials to give form and relief to my work.